If your organization, youth group, parental group, etc are interested in Caleb’s Kids coming to speak or conduct a workshop, please email: info@calebskidsfoundation.org.

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When our organization was founded in 2016, our mission was to provide awareness, education, and financial and psychological support to children of parents, guardians, and caretakers who have died by suicide. As our work in the community has expanded and evolved, we feel that it is important to tackle the underlining issues that may cause someone to consider ending their life.




Board Members

Anthony Barnes, Survivor

Alexandra Burrel, MA

Margo C. Hill, MA, LPC, NCC

Kiesha Jackson, MS

our Team

 Our mission


our outreach provides:

We provide free workshops to youth and parental groups to talk about mental illness and suicide. Our workshops provide the tools and coping mechanisms necessary to help build strength and resiliency when faced with events that may alter ones emotional state. We also offer a comprehensive guide of mental health resources.

Suicide is 100% preventable. We are losing our youth to suicide at a staggering rate. Our purpose is to positively impact youth suicide rates by providing tools , resources, educational materials, workshops, and other support for mental illness awareness and suicide prevention. We want to equip our youth with the necessary tools that will help them choose life.

Committee Members

Jennifer Hamlett - Social Media

Ericka Smith - Fundraising